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. >>> a man described by friends and family as selfless disappeared. cbs 5 reporter, juliette goodrich on the search for eric garcia. >> reporter: i really think if he doesn't come home soon -- >> friends and family gathered in san jose to pray for 32-year- old eric garcia's safe return home. this big guy was a big heart, went missing mysteriously. >> totally out of the character for my brother. he's always there. >> he left his friend's house near vine and good year streets september 18, 11:45 at night. he got a phone call and said he would be right back. his home just two blocks away. they have no leads, no trace of him. friends say it's like he vanished. they have been searching for him for two weeks now. >> when he wasn't home, but knew something was wrong. >> everyone thought that. big deadly bear. >> everyone dressed in white t- shirts and jeans like eric. they put together a facebook page where more than a thousand people signed on to help find him. he is 5'10", 350-pounds with a hair lee harley davidson tattooed on him. his parents are worried about his heart condition,
with juliette goodrich about his ordeal. >> a tough day for 11-year-old gilbert. it's his birthday and instead of celebrating, he's recovering in the hospital and praying his mom, a school crossing guard, and her friend, survive. >> all i heard was a car and my mom started running toward me and pushed me out of the way and they both got hit. >> a car going twice the speed limit struck his mom and another parent standing next to her. >> her condition is very serious. it is very serious. >> both women suffering broken bones and in surgery all day. gilbert was knocked to the ground, suffering cuts and bruises. >> i just thank god that you know, her first thing was, protecting her child, because she risked her life to save his. because she pushed him out of the way and didn't know what was coming towards her and this is what happened. >> the driver and passenger escaped the smashed car. but later police say 22-year- old michael james radcliffe of oakland returned to the scene, admitting he was the driver and he had been drinking. >> this is your birthday, right? what was your plan today? >>
of that final historic home run ball that has one fan crying foul. juliette goodrich is joining us live. >> tonight with huge excitement fans are going crazy but how about the three home runs that pablo blasted last night. would you believe one fan got the ball? how she got it and what she did it with is a story within itself. >> when pablo hit his third home run in last night's game, you won't believe where the ball ended up. >> he said where is the ball and i'm not going to tell him giant's fan dawn price was in the out fooeld when the ball went over the fence, she claims she went over or fell over the bleachers 20 feet down. >> i went down over the railing and there i was. >> i reached down and picked up the ball and the crowd's going crazy. >> she attempted to climb up the fence to her seat but was hauled off by security and arrested for trespassing. >> she says she fell is that possible in that location? >> it's possible but it's a steep fall. >> so where was the ball? dawn says she put it in a rather e precarious plus. when you were arrested, the ball was down your pants?
of cocaine. now the coke wasn't in his luggage or pockets. the cbs5 reporter juliette goodrich tells us that it was in his intestines. >> reporter: customs agents say that the passenger injected 100 pellets filled with cocaine. >> how big were they? >> this big. >> about two inches filled with white powder. >> cocaine? >> cocaine. >> reporter: he was attempting to board an international flight to japan when he was busted by customs and border protection in san francisco. >> and i would assume that the officers, they did the observational techniques and determined that something was not right with the way that the person was walking. >> reporter: and just how much is two pounds of cocaine? well here you go. this is two pounds of the powdered sugar. he had this in his system in the pellets when he went through customs. take a look at how heavy it was as he traveled through and got caught. he was taken to a nearby hospital where he later passed the pellets. the contents of the pellets tested positive for cocaine. this is what a larger drug bust for customs agents here at san francisco inte
kornlg and the best perspective. we want to go to juliette goodrich who i believe is in a specially motorized vehicle giving us a perspective seen only on cbs 5. juliette? >> reporter: hello, ken. yes, we are with mobile 5 and we actually got lucky. we hopped on with security. so no, we're not in a convertible, we're in a go-cart but that's okay. we're here with all of the fans and that team is taking the video for us. you can see the adoring fans as they see the players drive by. you can see the fans lining the street. and the cable cars as well. a lot of sximent here and -- excitement here and ken and dennis, these players are just so grateful for all of the fan support, not just through the world series but in talking to them today, it was from the start of the season. these are fans that have been there through thick and thin, they are the die hard fans and they appreciate it. all the ticker tape coming down and the balloons, what a sight to see. >> i think the players to a man would tell you these are the greatest fans in the world. sometimes you come to work, dennis and it's
to go over the edge. cbs 5 reporter juliette goodrich participated in a fundraiser 51 floors up. hanging out literally in las vegas. >> and scoot your heels back a little bit. >> all right, you're going to stop right about there. that's perfect. >> yes i am. >> jewel yet going over the edge. >> it's called over the edge. for a reason. >> i've never done this before. ooh. >> two ropes, one harness, gloves, helmet, and a willing rappeller -- that's me. >> okay so at this point i just wand the kind of stay like this. but now what do i need to do? >> raise $1,000 and you get hooked on to a rope and allowed to step over the edge. raising money for special olympics athletes to keep their sports programs going in the bay area like athlete paul brooks. >> rock and roll juliette. >> and hay lee daniels. >> i love it. >> hardest part for me leaning back and letting go. i'm going past someone's room right now. do they know? the athletes watched as i rappeled down 51 floors. 350 feet down. some athlete have done this. >> it was nervous. >> they say it's simple. squeeze the lever and down you go. oka
game. juliette goodrich tells us all about it. >> reporter: hi, dana. first and forecast, what a game tonight. but, yes, everyone talking about pablo's three home runs that he blasted out of the park yesterday. would you believe that one fan did in fact get the third ball. how she got it and what she did with it is really a story in itself. >> into center. >> reporter: when pablo sandoval hit his third home run in last night's game, you won't believe where the ball ended up. >> he said, you know, where is the ball? where's the ball? and i'm not gonna tell him. so i'm right in here. >> reporter: she was sitting in the outfield. when the ball went over the fence, she claimed she went over, or rather, fell over the bleachers, 20 feet down. >> and then i went down over the railing. >> reporter: and there she was, just feet away from panda's record-breaking home run ball. >> i picked up the ball and the crowd is going crazy. >> reporter: she attempted to climb up to the fence but she was quickly hauled off by giants security and arrested for trespassing. >> she said she fell. is that possi
to smuggle it through the airport. but as juliette goodrich shows us, it's how much coke he had inside of him that's so hard to believe. >> reporter: customs agents say the passenger ingested 100 pellets filled with cocaine. >> how big were the pellets? >> about two inches, filled with white powder. >> cocaine? >> cocaine. >> reporter: he was attempting to board an international flight to japan when he was busted by customs and border protection in san francisco. >> i would assume the officers, they have techniques and experience, they determined that something was not right. >> reporter: to give you an idea of just how much two pounds of cocaine is, here's two pounds of powdered sugar. this is how many he had in his system. take a look at how much he ingested. he was taken to a nearby hospital where he later passed the pellets. the contents of the pellets tested positive for cocaine. and this is one of the larger drug busts for customs agents here at san francisco international airport. net worth, $25,000 worth of ingested cocaine. it will be up to the u.s. attorney and homeland security to
morning, i'm juliette goodrich. michelle has the morning off and it is 6:00. and we are keeping an eye on the storm this morning. it is the first strong system of the season. bringing rain across the bay area. a whole lot of green going on there. lawrence is track the storm in the weather center. >> really just picking up as the cold front finally is sliding in. we are seeing good rainfall pounding parts of the north bay as the cold front moves in that direction although it is going to hidden tire bay area. you can see on our hi-def doppler doppler radar some of the rain is showing up along the peninsula. scattered showers into parts of the east bay as well taking you in for a closer look you can see good cells making their way through san francisco. also stretching in toward oakland and down the peninsula. to the north bay that's where the heaviest amounts of rainfall are so far. you see this line right here some heavy amounts of rain right along this line in through petaluma headed toward bolinas and novato in the next 30 minutes. things will be wet this morning and through the after
. why a very nervous juliette goodrich pa realed down -- rappeled down a tall hotel in vegas. that's that and more at 11:00 right here on cbs 5. she's okay. that's it for us, we'll see you at 11:00. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, >>> an all new "eye on the bay" starts now in hd. >>> we're traveling 100 miles down spectacular highway 1. from caramel
mallicoat. >> i'm juliette goodrich in for michelle griego. >>> the teenage driver who killed a father and daughter in concord is going behind bars. the judge gave him the maximum sentence but he is not expected to serve all of it in jail. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is live in concord with how the victim's family is reacting to the sentencing. >> reporter: the family was very emotional both inside the courtroom and when they gathered outside on the steps of the contra costa county courthouse. they wanted justice for their loved ones and are pleased the judge handed down the harshest sentence. 18-year-old david rosen was sentenced to seven years and eight months for vehicular manslaughter. rosen was speeding driving recklessly when his vehicle hit a father and two daughters in april. the 41-year-old and his 9-year- old daughter were killed. the 12-year-old daughter was injured. they were riding their bikes and were on the sidewalk on concord street boulevard when they were lit. since rosen was 17 at the time of the incident, juvenile court jurisdiction only applies until the age o
juliette goodrich explains why lots of customers are getting a rebate. >> reporter: after receiving criticism for hefty rate hikes and huge profits health insurer blue shield of california is giving back to the tune of $50 million to customers. >> affordability before profit. we think it's important to try to make it more affordable and returning $50 million to our customers by the end of the year is proof we're continuing to fulfill our 2% pledge promise. >> reporter: here's how it works. blue shield says all of its customers will receive the credit by december in the mail. per individual $25 credit. for a family of four $75. depending on premiums. for those employers the company said the average credit for employee will be $40. that can add up. >> it helps offset their cost and allows them to offer additional benefits. >> reporter: the company is already returned more than $470 million to customers for 2010 and 2011. >> i have a football that everybody is talking at. who was the last a's outfielder to win a gold glove? the answer is next. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, this is hayden. ,,,,,, tha
of the wet weather. top traffic trouble spots coming up. >>> good morning, i'm juliette goodrich. michelle griego is off. >> i'm frank mallicoat. it's monday, october 22. time now 5:00. >>> the first storm system is here bringing rain and wind across the bay area. >> let's get to it. right over to meteorologist lawrence karnow. he is watching the radar. >> i'm so excited to get the rain back. rain coming down in the north bay. heavy rainfall coming down, scattered showers around the bay area early on overnight but it's going to be picking up over the next few hours so for the commute, yeah, look at the rain beginning to slide down along the peninsula and looks like it will continue to intensify as we head throughout the morning. in fact, we are seeing the heaviest amounts of rainfall in the north bay right now. maybe upwards of an inch of rain in some spots. want to take you in toward lucky drive where we're seeing a good shower coming down there. we have a reporter out there. elissa harrington is hanging out. is doppler radar working this morning? >> reporter: it is. the rain is coming do
captioner: linda marie macdonald >>> good morning, it is 7:56. i'm juliette goodrich with your cbs 5 news headlines. >>> the teen driver accused of hitting and killing a father and daughter is expected to be sentenced today. the accident happened back in april in concord. 18-year-old david rosen is facing 7 years behind bars. >>> giants taking game 6 last night beating the cardinals 6- 1. game 7 starts tonight at 5:00 and it is do or die for both teams. the winner will then go on to play the detroit tigers in the world series. >>> we're going to have traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,, >>> good morning. wet weather out there causing problems on the roads. we have a traffic alert to report southbound 101 as you approach the waldo tunnel. two lanes are blocked, so slow there. once you pass the accident, traffic is clearer across the golden gate bridge. but you can see our travel times 30 minutes from 580 towards the golden gate bridge toll plaza. westbound 580 stacking up 60- plus minutes to work your way from the altamont pass to 680. your drive on the nimitz is a struggle northb
, juliette goodrich, cbs5. >>> the a's and the giants were both on the brink of elimination, but tonight both teams came up big. >> take a look at the game over the last four years. going out to the deep right field. he leaps and to the right center, he's got it. >> the a's used great d and just enough hitting to beat the detroit tigers 2-0. detroit still leads the best of five series though, two games to one. game four is tomorrow in oakland. >> that is a great ballpark. and they will go down the line. the long runs for them and a big slide and then did he make the play? yes, he did. >> as for the giants, they beat cincinnati 2-1 in 10th innings, trailing that game two games to one. dennis will have reactions from inside the locker room in just a bit in sports. >>> in the meantime a man was arrested at a major california airport after security found a smoke grenade, knives, a hatchet and body bags inside the luggage. he flew out of japan bound for boston. cbs reporter juan fernandez tries to figure out what the guy was up to. >> reporter: tonight, harris is in federal custody. the 28-year-
-- but -- who wouldn't be just a little nervous? juliette goodrich did this. how you can go in las vegas for a good cause. that's it for eyewitness news at 5:30. we'll see you back in 30 minutes. have a good night. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
'm juliette goodrich. michelle has the morning off. it's 4:29. we're keeping an eye on the storm this morning. have you seen it? we
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)